Experts Discuss 'Destiny 2' Graphics And Framerate On Consoles

Gamers who were anticipating a drastic graphical improvement from the first Destiny were apparently disappointed. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal apparently confirmed that all console versions of the sequel will be locked at 30fps, while the PC version gets an unlocked framerate and a 4K display resolution option. Previously, there were rumors that the next installment of the sci-fi shooter will run at 60fps on all platforms.

Most of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal playable copies were reportedly running on PS4 Pros, which should be powerful enough to boost its framerate. However, it was also confirmed that even the high-level hardware specs of the PS4 Pro are not sufficient to enhance its framerate. According to Game Rant, the team-based shooter basically runs like its predecessor, locked in at 30fps. Experts reportedly described the new game's graphics as "basically the same" as the first one.

Meanwhile, framerate aside, most gamers who were able to try out Destiny 2 during its gameplay reveal say its graphics have improved. According to several fans, the developers did a bang-up job with the "refinement of preexisting visual effects." The shooter noticeably used motion blur a lot more together with improved textures and improved particle effects. With an improvement in its visual fidelity, most experts would assume that the performance will take a hit, but it seems that the demos ran smoothly than expected.

The developers explained that the reason for Destiny 2 not running at 60fps on the PS4 Pro is the lack of CPU power. It seems that Bungie has opted to have the game run on 4K resolution instead of the expected 60 frames per second on Sony's flagship console, according to Eurogamer. An industry expert argued that the PS4 Pro is capable of running the game at a much higher framerate, but it will require the support of a dedicated server. Unfortunately, Bungie has already confirmed that it will not have dedicated servers for the game.

For gamers who absolutely must experience Destiny 2 in its best visual presentation, it is recommended that they secure a copy for the PC. Although, for others who still want to enjoy and experience a whole new chapter in the Destiny franchise with all the new features and improvements, then the console versions will just do fine. The sci-fi FPS is expected to launch on Sept. 8, 2017, for consoles and the PC at a later, unspecified date.

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