'Titanfall 2' Gets New Free DLC Map And Titan Next Week

Respawn Entertainment has previously teased players about its planned DLCs for 2017. Just recently the developer decided to share more details about the incoming content this May. According to Respawn, the DLC itself is called Monarch Reigns and brings along a new map as well as a new Titan. The new Titanfall 2 content is scheduled to launch next week on May 30, 2017.

Sources report that the new Titan is named Monarch and is a "mid-ranged Vanguard-class" model. The new unit also features an Upgrade Core that can be modified. Additionally, one of its new abilities is to drain power from enemy or ally Titans to augment its shields. Meanwhile, the new Titanfall 2 multiplayer map is called Relic. Game Rant notes that it features the crashed IMC carrier Odyssey. The developers describe the new map to encourage gamers with "assaulting and controlling" the middle area of the new location.

Additionally, the new Relic map has reportedly been "created with frontlines in mind," claims the developer. Titanfall 2 players will also apparently have the option to deck out the Ronin and Tone units with Prime skins. These along with some new camouflage, call signs, and nose art will be available as paid micro-transactions via the in-game store.

Gamespot also reports that the new Titanfall 2 DLC update will fix the various collision problems with the Crashsite map. Moreover, the same map is supposedly getting more mobility options for on-foot pilots with additional wall-running spots and more zip-lines. The update will also bring along a brand new execution labeled as Now You See Me. It is supposedly tied to the Titan's Cloak tactical ability.

Last month, Titanfall 2 received the DLC called A Glitch in the Frontier, which was reportedly data-mined by some individuals. They reportedly discovered that the game is set to receive more Titans and some new features. It turns out that their suspicions were on the money as the futuristic shooter is scheduled to get the Monarch Reigns DLC next week. Titanfall 2 is currently available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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