Project Scorpio To Have The 'Best Console Version' Of Games, Microsoft Claims

Gamers already have an idea about the hardware capabilities of Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio. The new flagship console's specs were officially announced a few months ago, and its dev kit was also revealed just recently. Despite the speculated potential based on the impressive internal components of the new game system, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer boldly claims that games will have the "best console version" on the Scorpio.

Reports confirm that Phil Spencer made the claim as a response to a Twitter post from a fan. According to the social media post, the user XtremeGaming22 wanted to know if the upcoming Call of Duty and Destiny 2 "will look better on Xbox Scorpio." However, since the Project Scorpio is yet to be officially revealed next month, Spencer just confidently assured the fan that the Scorpio will have the "best console version" of those games, said Game Rant.

Microsoft has been flaunting the potential of the Project Scorpio for a while now. The recently revealed dev kit even boasted more power, which had fans asking for more details. Consumer's excitement is surely building up as the E3 2017 game show is just a few weeks away. Furthermore, Windows Central also reports that the new game system is going to launch in China sometime this year.

Previously, the Xbox One's release in China was delayed by almost a year. It appears Microsoft wants to make the Project Scorpio available as soon as possible this time around. There were also rumors that claimed developers were forced to ensure quality parity for all games developed for both the One and the Scorpio. The company's VP Mike Ybarra assured everyone that the developers have the freedom to make their games according to the console's capabilities.

Consumers are fully aware of the performance capabilities of the Project Scorpio, but rumors also claim that its price might be extravagant. Gamers might still be on the fence as other speculations have hinted that Sony might introduce a price cut to sway consumers their way and away from Microsoft's new flagship game system.

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