'Destiny 2' Weapons: Mods, Skins, And More

E3 2017 is just a few weeks away, Destiny fans have started to scour the internet for any new tidbit of information about its sequel. Destiny 2 has showcased most of its new changes during its official gameplay reveal back in May. New elements like new open-world maps that feature new PVE components like Adventures and Lost Sectors. Meanwhile, the weapon system has been revamped to now use kinetic, energy, and power weapon in lieu of the primary, secondary, and heavy in the original.

New reports have reportedly shared more information about the updated weapon system in Destiny 2. According to sources some of the updates include weapon mods, a new foundry, new weapon skins, and more information about the in-game Power Ammo pickup. VG24/7 notes that the sequel now features a mods slot for weapons, based on the hands-on experience players had during the official gameplay reveal event last month. However, gamers were unable to test out the new option since it was reportedly disabled on the demo copies.

As of now, it is speculated that the weapon mods might eventually allow players to add more perks to their existing firearm. Gamers suppose that the game will reward players with mods as random drops and can be a magazine extension, better scopes, or other items that enhance other perks for their weapons. Other sources were also able to point out that Destiny 2 might have weapon skins. Given that New Monarchy weapons have always featured a red and white color scheme, the weapon showcased during the gameplay trailer had a different color, which led fans to suspect that the sequel might allow players to customize their weapons with different skins.

Other notable changes to Destiny 2 and its weapons systems also include a new weapon foundry named Veist, and how the Power Ammo works in the crucible. Unlike the heavy ammo crates that provide all nearby players with a refill, Power Ammo will only replenish the ones who opened the chest first. In the meantime, Bungie has confirmed that it has moved all of its development team's manpower to work on the sequel, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

Last month, Bungie has also revealed that they plan to use the same exotic weapon drop mechanic from the original game. The Destiny 2 reward system will supposedly maintain the same rarity modifier that allows Guardians to earn exotic weapons from special quests or as a random loot drop from certain missions. Fans should stay tuned for Bungie's E3 2017 announcements.

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