Overwatch Releasing Latest Patch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Next Week; Details Revealed

Overwatch will have a patch update very soon. Blizzard announced that it will release this update called Horizon Lunar Colony map on June 20. The game developer issued this announcement in a developer's video it unveiled recently.

This Latest Update Will Be Available On All Platforms

This latest Overwatch patch will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next week. One of the developers featured in the developer's video admitted that he is hooked by maps that offer strong story and character. This could have influenced him in designing the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

Gamers Can Now Discover Winston's Backstory

Avid gamers of Overwatch are aware that Winston, a gorilla, resides in the Horizon Lunar Colony. However, he is not the typical gorilla of the wilds. Winston is a genetically engineered and super intelligent gorilla scientist. The colony where he is living is the first step that humans are using in exploring deep space.

With the release of the Horizon Lunar Colony map, gamers of Overwatch will be able to explore its base. Perhaps they will be able to discover the back story of Winston and the reason why he left the Moon. Blizzard also indicated that there will be other changes that this update will implement.

There Will Be Some Character Changes And Modifications

Among the changes that will come with the Horizon Lunar Colony are those that will affect some of the Overwatch characters. They include Roadhog, McCree and Reaper. The hook of Roadhog will be getting a nerf. McCree will have a major buff in his Deadeye and Reaper will have his health orbs nerfed as well.

Blizzard is also aiming to make some modifications and improvements in Overwatch with this latest update. Gamers can now modify their jump height. With this update, the magnitude of Knockback can now be modified on any weapon or abilities. Player projectile and gravity can now be modified as well.

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