[Viral Video] Shadow-Jutsu? New Technology in Singapore Can Make Energy from Shadows!

Shadow-Jutsu in Singapore: New Technology Can Make Energy From Shadows

This new technology turns shadows into energy! Learn more about this shadow-jutsu machine!

by Urian

Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket:Will We Be Seeing More of Boston Dynamics?

Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

New Boston Dynamics robot named Zeus inspects SpaceX's rocket. Could the robot dog be the next addition to the team?

by Urian

Neuralink Brain Implants

Elon Musk's Neuralink Company Works To Bring Brain Chips Within A Year; Could AI Be In The Process Of Joining Real Humans?

Humans and machine could very be mixed earlier than later as Elon Musk believes we are being outpaced by artificial intelligence

by Renz

Embodied's Moxie

[Video] Embodied's Moxie Is A New Interactive Robot That Is Capable Of Emotional Understanding And Speech

Watch the new Moxie iRobot that has the ability to understand and even relay emotions with matching speech, proper facial expressions, and fluid body motions. AI at its best!

by Renz

NASA's Perseverance Rover

NASA Equips Perseverance Rover With Improved Zooming Cameras That Lets You See Mars In 3D; Here's How To Tune In

This 2020, NASA plans to utilize upgraded cameras to enable students to monitor and observe Mars and will share the footage with the public. Find out how they plan to do so here

by Renz

Blue Origin spacecraft

NASA Brings Marvels Together As Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, Elon Musk's SpaceX, And IT Company Dynetics Compete To Bring Astronauts To The Moon

NASA has pit SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics against each other in a race of who can come up with the technology to bring astronauts back to the moon, see the details here!

by Renz

Wireality Haptic Feedback

[Video] This New Technology Will Let You Feel How Giving High-Five Feels Like in Virtual Reality!

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have devised a machine that mimics the feeling or resistance of a real-life object that is seen virtually.

by Renz

NASA Aims to Use

NASA to Collect Evidence of Life on Mars Through the Use of "Nanocardboard" Paper Planes

NASA has opened its eyes to a new method of using "nanocardboards" in order for them to be able to collect evidence of life on Mars! Will these paper planes be successful?

by Urian

DJI Mavic Air 2 Releases This May At Just $799! Learn More About This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle From Drone Camera Specs to Much More

$799 for a Longer-Lasting DJI Mavic Air 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Drone Camera Specs and More

A new longer-lasting drone comes out by DJI and it's called the Mavic Air 2! This unmanned aerial vehicle sells at just $799! Check out the camera specs and more.

by Urian

Tech Reporter Advises Against the Use of Nightmare Robot Dog to Help Frontliners: Suggests there are Other Existing Alternatives

Should Hospitals Use Nightmare Robot Dogs to Help Frontliners? Tech Reporter in Dismay

Although Boston Dynamics may just want to offer their help during the ongoing pandemic, a particular tech reporter advises against the use of their nightmare dog, Spot.

by Urian

Two Russian Air Force Fighters Spotted Flying Over a US Destroyer were Intercepted by a Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet

Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet Intercepts Two Russian Air Force Fighters Flying Over US Destroyer!

A certain Belgian F-16 fighter jet was able to intercept two different Russian air force fighter jets that were seen flying over a US Destroyer!

by Urian

Facebook's AI Runs 5x Faster on GPUs and Now Beats Google: What on Earth Could Facebook Be Capable of Doing Now?

Facebook's AI Beats Google: Runs 5x Faster on GPUs!

Facebook's new AI called the RegNet works much faster than Google's EfficientNet! What could be next for Facebook?

by Urian

NASA Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx to touch-down on asteroid Bennu

Asteroid Contact: NASA To Perform 'Checkpoint Rehearsal' As OSIRIS-REx Temporarily Lands To Take Sample Of 'Bennu'

NASA's Spacecraft OSIRIS'REx set to touch-down on Asteroid Bennu to take samples to bring home.

by Renz

Pillars of Creation as captured by Hubble Telecope

NASA Shows 'Pillars Of Creation' Being Devoured By Stars In This Stunning New Infrared Photograph

Stunning image of Pillars of Creation as NASA's Hubble Telescope redefines that discovery with the use of infrared light in this stunning photograph

by Renz

NASA dreams big with space studies

NASA Program To Utilize $7M In Funding Research, From Stronger Spacecraft To Landing Humans On Mars - What They Have Planned Will Blow You Away

NASA looks to increase our capabilities with studies to find out more about space and its cosmic inhabitants

by Renz

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