Overwatch Latest Update: New Map Released; Changes On Reaper And Roadhog Detailed

Overwatch's latest update is now live and gamers can now explore the big changes that it has implemented. This latest DLC comes with a new Horizon Lunar Colony map. Considerable balance changes were also implemented to Reaper and Roadhog.

There are also other fixes and tweaks done to Overwatch designed to solve the problems that make its fans unhappy. Xbox One, PS4 and PC users should now be able to download this latest update. The new map features the colony on the moon which has been available previously on the PC PTR servers.

There's a low-gravity area in this new map released by this latest update. This low-gravity functionality can also be applied to other maps in Overwatch. In addition, the gamers' ability to customize the game is enhanced. They can now modify projectile gravity enabling them to get a unique kind of experience on all the maps.

The patch notes of Overwatch's latest update also revealed some details about the balance changes that were implemented. In terms of character changes, the biggest modification was done on Roadhog. His head's hitbox was nerfed so that his survivability will increase.

This Overwatch latest update also made some changes on Roadhog's weapon. The clip size of his Scrap Gun is now increased to five from the previous four. Its firing rate was also increased by 30 percent. However, the damage that his bullets can inflict has been reduced by 33 percent. According to Blizzard, this reduces the effectiveness of his hook combo without affecting his DPS.

Balance changes were also done on Reaper. Instead of picking up the health orbs of a downed enemy, he now can regenerate his health by the amount of damage he can inflict. About 20 percent of this damage is credited to his health. McCree's Ultimate was also adjusted by this Overwatch latest update. Gamers will only be required to wait 0.2 seconds instead of the previous 0.8 seconds to start locking on.

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