Pokemon Sun And Moon Giving Away Five Free Mega Stones; Get These Rare Items Now

Pokemon Sun and Moon's official website has recently announced that a free code will be released to allow gamers all over the world to get some of the game's rare items. The announcement also revealed that these rare items are five rare Mega Stones. This is a chance for players to Mega Evolve their monsters that will increase their chances of winning their battles.

They Are Free For The Nintendo 3DS

These free five Mega Stones of Pokemon Sun and Moon will be free for the Nintendo 3DS. These stones are not normally available for gamers when they play the game. Gamers can't also grind them. However, with this free code being available, gamers can now snatch them by using this specific code.

These Five Mega Stone Will Mega Evolve Monsters

With these five Mega Stones, gamers will be able to evolve Pokemon into Mega Evolutions such as Banette, Camerupt, Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert. There are only a few simple steps that gamers of Pokemon Sun and Moon need to do in order to get these five rare Mega Stones. First of all, they need to use the special code that will give them access to these free rare items.

Here Is The Special Code

The special distribution code for these Mega Stones is MATSUBUSA. In order to receive the five stones, gamers need to open the main menu of the Pokemon Sun and Moon game and choose the "Mystery Gift" option. Then, they need to choose to get the gift with a code/password choose to connect to the internet.

When prompted, they need to type in MATSUBUSA and their character profile. After that, they can pick up the five Mega Stones from a delivery man inside a local Pokemon Center and add them to their inventory. Once the stones are credited in their inventory, they need to save their game so that they won't lose the stones. Now, they can use the five Mega Stones so that they can Mega Evolve Pokemon monster when doing battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon with other monsters.

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