Pokemon Sun And Moon: More Details On Mythical Fighting/Ghost-type Marshadow Released

Pokemon Sun and Moon will get a new legendary soon. It appears that it will be the first Fighting/Ghost-type Pokemon who goes by the name of Marshadow. The Pokemon Company also was generous enough to release some details about this new addition to the game.

Marshadow Is A Unique And Powerful Pokemon

Marshadow's existence was also discovered through a datamine that an enterprising fan had done on the Alolan adventure of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Some fans have actually known of Marshadow's existence prior to the release of the video game last fall. But it is only now that this Pokemon is being properly introduced by the Pokemon Company.

The type or classification of Marshadow is what makes it unique compared to other monsters in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is both a ghost and a fighting type of Pokemon. This is a rare combination that enables it to defeat psychic-type Pokemon without any difficulty.

His Unique Move Can Take Down Other Monsters

Marshadow also has its own unique move called the Z-move, Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. As soon as it learns about the Spectral Thief move, Marshadow can utilize the Z-move when holding the Z-Crystal Marshdium Z. Pokemon Sun and Moon Gamers cannot get this crystal, just as they can't get Marshadow. But the Spectral Thief move can steal any stat boosts of its target. Marshadow then uses it to attack and deal with its enemies.

Marshadow can also disappear into the shadows of other Pokemon and imitate their power and moves. It can then take advantage of this Ghost-type ability to take down its opponent in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Fighting-type Pokemon are normally vulnerable to the Psychic types, so Marshadow can easily beat them.

But He Is Terribly Shy

Even with its unique and advantageous abilities, Marshadow is terribly shy. Its bio describes this legendary as the "Gloomdweller Pokemon." Meaning, it prefers to stay in the shadows and just observe others from and inside their shadows. As have been already mentioned, gamers are not yet instructed on how to catch this Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon fans will just have to wait for more announcements from The Pokemon Company.

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