Pokemon GO: Here's Why You Should Favor Raids Over The Buddy System

The new raids mechanics of Pokemon GO might be the best thing that has happened to the game. However, this system has badly affected the game's old Buddy Pokemon system. It seems that the procedure of the new raids is going against the old system in many ways. It is no wonder that gamers are now favoring this new system over the old.

No Need To Walk Many Miles

In the previous Buddy System of Pokemon GO, gamers are allowed to pick one specific Pokemon and get candy depending on how far they have walked with them. However, when Niantic introduced a parallel system called Raids, gamers are now able to find the rarest spawns and evolutions of Pokemon at random in the game. As a result, trainers are now able to amass a wealth of powerful Pokemon, thereby disregarding the need for the Buddy System.

Catching Pokemon with the new Raids mechanics of Pokemon GO is a bit harder. But if the gamer practices precise timing coupled with a team effort, he can overcome many raid bosses within a relatively short time. To capture a good raid boss Pokemon, a trainer need only to get several raid passes from the in-game store and then go out to where plenty of raids are happening.

The Raids Process Is More Profitable To Trainers

In other words, the new Raids method of Pokemon GO is very profitable for trainers than the old Buddy System. Why should a trainer spend time walking his Pokemon for many miles to get some candy treat when it is almost certain that there's going to be a raid boss soon? This new Raids System has actually made the Buddy System obsolete.

There's No Need To Spend Time And Effort

With the new Raids mechanism of Pokemon GO, trainers don't have to spend time and effort training up their Pokemon. They can catch a whole bunch of them in the next boss rotation. Additionally, these Raid bosses in the new system are mostly high IV Pokemon (IV>80 percent). Participating in raids also gives trainers higher chances of getting a few Rare Candies. These are added bonuses that make the Raids System preferable than the old Buddy System.

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