'Pokemon Go' Update: Diverse Pokemon Spawn Rate Increased Overnight

A good number of Pokemon Go trainers report that a wide variety of Pokemon creatures appear in rural areas that aren't supposed to be there, geographically at least. They are talking about water type Pokemon found on land and vice-versa. One trainer found a Lapras in a rural area far from the sea, others found Pinsir on bays. 

Reddit topic has been hot lately with hits discussing about the weird phenomenon that happened over the weekend. It is said that spawn rates seem to increase by 100%, or doubled for those folks who hate stats, overnight as the weekend turns over.

Reddit user Simkill666 reported an observation while playing Pokemon Go about various Pokemon unusually popping up in his rural area. He claimed that Golbats nor Voltorbs did not spawn in his neighborhood until days ago, not to mention Bellsprouts.

Everyone has noticed

Many Pokemon Go players on Reddit and other similar genre threads have also been noticing the weird spawn rate and the spawn variety of wild Pokemon. This is good news for Pokemon Go trainers who have a huge deficit in their Pokedex. There have been reports that a rise of Pokemon Go get together have been out on streets once again since its hit months ago.

Be updated

You may visit regularly on this thread to find out which new wild Pokemon has been sighted on your area.  If this is really happening, then it would be possible that Pokemon spawn might be in a form of rotation, one day you can get a Dragonite in your backyard, the next you need to travel miles away to get one.

Evolving instead of collecting

Just in case your area is still not 'blessed' by this significant turn-over of diverse Pokemon spawn rate influx, you can always evolve, if you wanted Golbat, you just need a bunch of Zubat. Talk about evolving, you should be careful in evolving your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Here are tips on CP and IV calculations to optimize your evolutions.

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