Sony And Razer Combine To Bring New PlayStation 4 Pro Controller

Xbox One gamers have been looking dominant in the competitive scene thanks to Sony's Elite wireless controller, which is a pro-level gamepad that offers some elite level controls like swappable joysticks and D-pads, as well as interchangeable paddles, some trigger locks and more. The PlayStation 4 gamers, however, hasn't had the same elite-level experience when it comes to their competitive gaming careers - until now.

Sony calls for some much-needed help

Instead of developing their own custom pro-grade gaming controller, Sony has hired peripheral specialists Razer and Nacon to develop it for them. Each company was able to develop their own versions of pro Controllers. Here's what they have made:

The Raiju Controller from Razer

The Raiju, also known as the thunder beast, is the pro controller that Razer has come up. This powerful gaming controller features two extra bumpers and detachable triggers, a unified control panel placed at the front, some trigger-stop switches and hair trigger modes, plus a two custom profile that you can switch between on-the-fly. It also features a 3.5 mm. headset jack with convenient volume and mic mute controls and a removable analog stick rubber caps for added gripping power.

The Nacon Revolution

Nacon's finest, the Revolution features a 46° amplitude dual-analog sticks with an enhanced firmware for that much-needed accuracy and reach. It also offers four custom profiles, along with two internal compartments and six additional weights to reinforce balance, weight, and feel.

Sony Pro Controller Price

Sony has also recently announced that both pro controllers are going to be available for purchase and order just in time for the holidays. The company still hasn't issued any statement regarding the price for each console controller, but given the $149 price for the Xbox One Elite controller, we would be expecting their upcoming controllers to be way more expensive. Best save more than $149 so you will all be ready once the Sony Pro controllers roll out.

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