Apple iPhone 7 Vs Oppo F1 Plus: Battle Between Branding And Pricing

The smartphone industry has gone bigger and bigger through the years. Today, people are now getting more and more confused as to which smartphones are the better buys, and which are the ones that are more cost-worthy. There are a lot of amazing handsets out there that truly offer some quality performance for every user's convenience.

F1 Plus vs. iPhone 7

We can also look at some phones are very similar in terms of overall look, feel, and performance. In this case, let's look at the mid-tier OPPO F1 Plus, and the recently released luxury Apple iPhone 7. OPPO's F1 Plus looks pretty similar towards Apple's iPhone 7. They have been put through a design comparison and their similarities are very shocking, to say the least.

F1 Plus and iPhone 7 looking the same?

Most experts say imitation is the most honest form of flattery and seems like OPPO have taken that to heart. When OPPO launched the F1 Plus in India earlier this year, many claimed that it looks just as similar towards the then-under-development iPhone 7. To see just how similar the two devices looked, some experts placed them under the design comparison test.

The two devices look very similar

Even at first glance, it would be hard for anyone to tell the two devices apart since there is hardly any difference at all up front with the display turned off. Only the shape of the home button/fingerprint scanner gives away which is the iPhone and which is the Android device. But if we would look closely, the subtle differences would become visible.

Price difference

If you are to buy either the two products, regardless of how much budget you have, it would be more cost-efficient if you would opt for the OPPO F1 Plus. The F1 Plus released with an SRP of $440. Right now it has experience depression and is now available for only $376. The iPhone 7 is still hot at $649 for its 32GB variant and $749 for the 128GB variant. But if you do have the budget, don't hesitate to buy what you think is the best among the two.

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