Apple iPhone 7 Vs OnePlus 3T: Brand Quality Beats Price Tag?

The iPhone 7 is Apple's latest and most impressive flagship phone to date, unsurprisingly, along with keeping the existing traditional design while incorporating water resistance features, an amazing camera, and some performance improvements. A lot of tech experts would actually recommend the more expensive iPhone 7 Plus model, but if you don't want something so massive (or expensive), then the standard iPhone 7 is also a great option.

About the OnePlus 3T

At the same time, the OnePlus 3T has just officially released in India, and while it's not quite known compared to Apple's iPhone 7, you can still get a heck of a lot of phones for a lot lesser price than what Apple is charging on their smartphones. What is also shocking is that the two handsets are very similar in a lot of areas.

Difference in price

Apple's iPhone 7 is a premium smartphone at a very premium price as well, starting at a staggering $649 for the base model and ranging up to $849 for maximum storage. And the iPhone 7 Plus, which matches the OnePlus 3T in terms of screen size and resolution, comes in between $769 and $969.

The OnePlus 3T, on the other hand, is also a premium phone that is very much comparable to the iPhone 7. What really separates it from the iPhone and any other premium phone is that offers a much more compelling entry cost, with the models selling for $442 or $516 depending on storage variant. It's definitely a dramatic difference.

Comparison Specs-wise

With the iPhone 7, you get the best features of the ultra-fast A10 Fusion chip, a great camera, and a far better selection of apps and games than on the Android. But the OnePlus 3T has the better screen, a very impressive camera, a larger, faster-charging battery, and nearly comparable performance with the iPhone.

Final Verdict

Though the iPhone 7 is an excellent handset, it's not $440 better than the OnePlus 3T, and it doesn't even look or feel like it either. This just implies that though the iPhone 7 is more appealing, the OnePlus 3T is also an amazing phone that needs to be considered by consumers.

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